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BURNED OVER.  I’ve read about writing for decades.  I’ve subscribed to the premier writing magazines and bought and read too many books about how to get ideas to write about, write, edit writing, rewrite, try to get an agent to represent my writing, and how to publish my writing.  I knew that a sea change occurred in publishing just a few years ago. A writer can no longer just approach an agent or publisher and have any hope of being seen, heard, represented, or published. The way to make the contacts is to attend writer’s conferences.  There, you have a 15-minute opportunity to present (“pitch”) your writing to agents and publishers’ representatives.

I have worked on a book entitled Burned Over for many years, since ‘way back when I could have just contacted agents and publishers with a letter or an email.  In 2012, I researched, wrote, and taught a 12-class Bible study on the Apostle Paul, his travels and prayers.  This year, I attended my first writer’s conference, to present Burned Over and Paul: the Praying Traveler to prospective agents and publishers.  The response was incredible, and I came home with SEVEN invitations to submit formal proposals.  I’m working on those.

ONCE UPON A TIME.  It is my pleasure to research and write articles for the Once Upon a Time history column that appears every Sunday opposite the editorial page in the Quincy (IL) Herald-Whig.  My next article is due next week.  I hope to start it tomorrow.

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